The focus of the Green NRG Institute is on the "business side" of the sustainable energy sector in the U.S.  We leave the technical aspects of energy to other organizations.

Green NRG fills the training gap others don't cover - that of the "practical" side of working in the energy industry. Not everyone is an engineer and even engineer's need training on how to promote technologies and close sales. Even the uitility representatives need training in how best to serve their customers.

We have multiple memberships available that provide significant discounts on all our courses, events, tours and conferences. Their are multiple training paths from the very basic to the more advanced in many different business aspects of energy. Check out our  links below for more information on how we can help meet all your energy sector interests and help find more opportunities in your career path.

Course Paths

Professional business classes, events, tours and conferences all provide multiple pathways for career advancement, CEU's & certifications.

Full Course List

We have new courses coming online all the time.  Please check back often to see dates, descriptions, and professional opportunities.