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Burns McDonnell: Documenting the Renewable Energy Standards of Top U.S. Corporations

Corporate America has made vast strides to integrate renewable energy into its facilities as sustainable goals. Based on a review of how the top 25 companies on the Fortune 500 list incorporate all renewable forms of energy into operations, it's possible to identify and learn from the powerful impact of their leadership.


Corporate America responding to the call . . .


Delotte: Reshaping the code - understanding the new tax reform law

Congress has approved and President Trump has signed into law a massive tax reform package that lowers tax rates on corporations, pass-through entities, individuals, and estates and moves the United States toward a participation exemption-style system for taxing the foreign-source income of domestic multinational corporations, with some of the cost of that tax relief offset by provisions that scale back or eliminate many longstanding deductions, credits, and incentives for businesses and individuals.

Huge implications for the business side of the energy sector!


Facilities Managers - Employer Needs Assessment

To analyze the regional need for facilities managers, the Centers of Excellence conducted a survey of over 100 employers in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, and San Bernardino counties.

The study collected information from employers regarding current and projected employment, hiring needs, education and credentialing preferences, and most in-demand skills and technological proficiencies.

Nearly 24,000 facilities managers are currently employed in the four-county region. The far majority, about 22,100, are full-time. Only 1,800 are part-time.
Regionally, employment growth over the next year will be robust for facilities managers. Employers expect to hire an additional 3,200 facilities managers over the next 12 months, a 14% growth rate.

Those surveyed said the most preferred option for filling facilities manager vacancies is training workers from within the organization, followed by online job advertisements.

Business challenge isolated on white

Blockchain: A true disruptor for the energy industry.

In its ongoing journey to power and move the world, the energy industry has faced many structural challenges that have been addressed through the effective deployment of innovative and groundbreaking technologies. The resulting industry landscape is technology-rich and highly streamlined but is yet faced with a complex and costly transactional ecosystem which may prove itself as fertile ground for the introduction of distributed ledger technology-better known as "blockchain".

A Breakthrough in Establishing Trust


Energy Careers, Salaries and Job Openings in California

Nice report from the CA Community College System on some of the energy industry careers they train in including:

  • Electrical Systems and Power Transmission
  • Architecture/Architectural Technology
  • Electro-Mechanical Technology
  • Industrial Systems Technology
  • Environmental Control Technology
  • Energy Systems Technology Management
  • Industrial and OSHA
  • Civil and Construction Management

See salary ranges, projected job openings through 2024, and resources for further study in each of the career technologies.

Key Study from CA Community College System